2013-2014 Insurance Certificates Available

Insurance Certificates for NYSWYSA Member Clubs in good standing are now available from the state office for the 2013-2014 season (9/1/13-8/31/14).   Call the office (800-789-4806) or email (traeder@nyswysa.org) with your request for certificates needed to use school, park, village and other facilities.

Please note the NYSWYSA Registration policy for issuing these certificates includes the following:

“Member clubs will be given access to the RosterPro Registration Program for a new seasonal year and receive a new Certificate of Insurance (COI) only if they have provided all registration data and paid all moneys owed for the previous year.”

So check the invoice for your club on RosterPro and make sure your club is up to date before requesting a certificate.

Insurance Information


  • Travel Assistance Services are travel related benefits provided under our AIG Travel Guard player excess accident medical policy and available to our member clubs that are participating in a sanctioned covered activity of your state association 100 miles or more away from their residence.
    AIG Travel Guard provides your clubs with a range of travel related services when emergencies arise anywhere in the world.

    Click here for an outline of these services to include member information and telephone contact numbers when your clubs are traveling within and outside the United States.