1984 Annual General Meeting Minutes



SEPTEMBER 12, 1984


The Annual General Meeting of NYSWYSA was called to order at 12:12 P.M. at the Marriott Hotel, Rochester, New York on September 12, 1984.


Jack Hayward introduced the Board Members, past president and the new Commissioners from District 1 Roger Jank, and from District 5 Shirley Ford. All proxy voters were collected; members signed in, yet there were not enough votes for a quorum. A roll call was not requested, only a show of hands.


The minutes of the last meeting had been mailed to each member. There were no questions and therefore the minutes were not read. A motion was made to pass the minutes as stated; it was seconded, and so moved.




Treasurers report: Linda Schepler was absent and Lou Bianchi submitted her financial budget for the upcoming year. Presently we have in the checking account $20,689.03; 7 day roll over account $12,664.35 as of 9/15/84, regular saving account $111.82. Additional monies were added to the 7 day rollover account, we now have $30,000.00+ in the account which represents substantial liabilities and will be needed for insurance, 1984-1985 registration, cup registration, and monies to the National body.

Cup registration fees must be submitted before December, plus the National affiliated fees. The $15,400.00 balance forward is working capitol. Two leagues, East Rochester and Rush Henrietta, have not paid their league fees.


Paul Kendra: Information will be in the new handbook and the new logo will be used on all USYSA forms. We will no longer file NYSWYSA forms only the USYSA FORMS. The in-house leagues must complete the USYSA registration forms and turn them in as soon as possible. The ruling for house leagues to use this form was mandated by the National Association. Concerns were expressed about the form but the recommendation was made to try to be as positive when presenting the form to the leagues to help them over any obstacles that they see.


Concerns were:

  1. Some areas need notarized copies when presenting it to the hospital in case of injury.
  2. Not enough copies.
  3. Need summary of names and information for individual leagues.


Jack Hayward explained the history of the new form and suggested that any problems concerning it should be sent to Paul Kendra, documented, as soon as possible, since the Regional Meeting is October 12; where they cab address the issues.


Joe DAmato; Joe stated that his league had a few problems using the form but that they are now in use and working well.


Lou Bianchi; He stated that there were some problems in the leagues this year, but he was handling them. He also stated that he was taking a leave of absence for one year, and he has good workers to see that the program still runs smoothly. He will try and get someone to take over for this year, and if not, Joan Selander will assume his duties.


Bernd Koehler; There are 10 house leagues from the central district, 5600 players, two new leagues last year, 25% total registration in NYSWYSA, U19 Boys represented NYSWYSA McGuire team, Tom Tanner made the U-16 National Team tryouts, select team is running well.  John Mauro is the new president of the Central League and there are some problems with the KICK Magazine registration but it is generally being accepted.


Paul Kendra; There were some problems also in his league this year. He had doubled the number of affiliated teams from 4 to 10 leagues, and had some problems with athletes participating. The distance between games has presented problems but they have been overcome. Tim Schum, Binghamton Coach, is the new District Coach.


Shirley Ford; New Commissioner from District 5 Southern Tier. This league is a cut-off from the Buffalo District due to geographical local. Shirley had been the registrar from Olean. She had no report.


George Herrick; the administrator for the Select Team Committee is Jim Cuddihee. He has meet with the State Coach and staff and presented an outstanding program and was appreciated by the State Coach, George Herrick, and President of NYSWYSA, Jack Hayward. The selection program was having outstanding problems. Jim replaced the past chairman and maintained a working program regardless of outstanding odds. Jim stated he enjoyed working with George Herrick.


We had a $30,000.00 expenditure funded from passes, but needed 10-20,000 additional monies for this program. We need to send the Eastern Regional Team for an entire week of training, and a coaching commitment is necessary. Brian Bill went to National, 2 years in a row and was captain of the team that toured Russia. Herricks staff did an excellent job. George addressed the issue of the progress of the select teams process, volunteers, and sponsors, additional monies needed vs. the Empire State free costs, additional publicity, and uniforms. He felt we must raise monies from the grass roots, for training, coaches, etc. and that the National Coaches would be exposed to the athletes if the program was expanded.


The select program is a development program and helps to develop at ALL levels. Travel coaches must be approached to support this endeavor and the program should be explained fully while letting the athletes know what their commitment is.


After the October meeting, we will have the National program, and then we can go for the district, state, regular program dates, and have a projected cost of same.



The 1983-1984 cup chairman resigned and Judy Dinalfo took over the program and will again run it this year. The patches arrived on September 7th but have not yet been distributed. They will be sent out shortly. All the trophies for the finalists and state champs have been received except for the U-10 Girls. Two protests were submitted to the State, but no action was taken due to incorrect filing. The Board voted to eliminate 1 cup competition and have only the State and Regional Cups. The winner of the State competition will advance to the Regionals.



Al Odenbach is the chairman. He will begin the 1984-1985 process and there are 13 members on his committee. The planning committee did not file a report.



Reinhold Spath has 3 trusties check the referee books for 1983-1984. $3,468.00 encumbered and has a balance of $668.00 which he will turn over to the state association. The monies have been used for training referees, films, programs and he is sending monies to Binghamton for their referee training program. He will have a balance of $133.00. He presented his NYSWYSA Annual Progress Report. He was thanked for all his help in the regional and national cup games. Visits are planned for District 5 for referee classes.


SECRETARY: No report.


  1. We have hosted the Regionals for 6 years.
  2. D.J.Niotis for 2 years.
  3. National Workshop held in Buffalo.
  4. Published a handbook that has been sent outside the country.
  5. Hard working board.
  6. Have the largest number of representatives attending regional/national meetings.
  7. Successful law suit vs. NYSWYSA and Club even tho the high school association is appealing the decision.
  8. Same Cup Chairman for 2 years in a row.
  9. Jim Cuddihee serving 2 years on the select program.
  10. George Herrick, 2 years working on select team programs.
  11. Reinhold Spath serving units within the state.
  12. Plans for the year are going well.


Jack explained his plans for the next year and thanked the board and members for their dedication, hard work and friendship during his years of involvement with the State association.





Election of officers according to the constitution. Jack turned over the chair to Tony Simpkin and stated that roll call would not be necessary. A recess of 5 minutes was taken.

Four positions were open and 70 votes were on the floor. 39 votes were needed to carry. Proxy ballots were received and accounted for. Candidates were asked their qualifications and reasons for seeking election to NYSWYSA, and their affiliation with youth soccer.


       POSITION                         NOMINATED BY:                  SECONDED BY:                   


President Joe DAmato          Lou Bianchi                              Roger Skinner                     Elected


V-President- Paul Kendra         Bernd Koehler                           John Mauro

                     Roger Skinner      Roger Bliss                                Jim Cuddihee


Election was held after discussions about both candidates qualifications. Roger Skinner- Elected


Secretary Joan Selander         Lou Bianchi                               Gordy Graham                   Elected


Treasurer Linda Schepler       Joan Selander                             Joe DAmato                     Elected


After all votes were cast it was so moved to close the elections.


Tony Simpkin expressed his and the feelings of the entire board for Jack Haywards success in his new position with USYSA. Jack has supported positively the growth and breath of the entire soccer programs over the past years and his new position will be Sub Regional Commissioner for the New England States, Southern N.Y. and NYSWYSA, while overseeing 175,000 athletes. Jack received a standing ovation.


He then stepped down as President, and was replaced by Joe DAmato and Roger Skinner.


Some proposals for approval were suggested but were tabled to have them addressed by the new board when they next meet.


A motion was made to accept Reinhold Spath as the Youth Administrator for the next year. It was voted upon and approved. Joan will write a letter stating his reaffirming.


A motion was made to place the following into the constitution.

1. Approved as stated

2. Approved as stated

3. Jacks amendment: Take out individual player of, Add after (indoor and outdoor unless prior written authorization by the District Commissioner shall not, etc.)  (Syracuse found it hard to control who was affiliated or not)

4. Insert: Establish any changes in the NYSWYSA, etc.

5. A discussion was held in favor of this amendment. Motion was made to enter as read. Approved

6. Discussion: Problem in not receiving money from the leagues and towns. Therefore a voucher system was suggested. Suggested using an installment payment and add a fee for late payment. Have standard fees and or late charges. Have payments made by first league game/30 day prior to league game/ set leagues registration dates. A motion was made by G. Graham to table this and have the Board decide in a committee. The motion was approved.


Next meeting will be October 21, 1984 at the Holiday Inn in Syracuse N.Y. at 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 4:00PM. Motion carried


Respectfully submitted



Joan Selander Secretary