NYSWYSA State Level I Coaching Certificate Course

Course Description
This is a seven-hour course that provides an educational framework for coaches to be able to apply toward two teaching methods.  The teaching methods will be taught both through theoretical and practical field applications.  Educational theory will also be taught as the foundation of the coaching process for each coach to better equip themselves with the ability to transfer their knowledge to each player in the most effective way.  This class is designed for those coaches who want to continue with a more formal coaching educational pathway without necessarily having to commit to the requirements of taking a US Soccer D coaching course.  Course information is meant for coaches of all age groups but is more specifically geared toward players from U10 to U16 boys and girls.

Course Rationale
As a State Association we wanted to provide our members with a coaching course that built on the US Soccer’s Grassroots courses without the commitment of having to take a 48-hour US Soccer D coaching course.  We felt that there was a gap in the learning process between the grassroots courses and the US Soccer D course, and that is how this course was born.
This course is not meant to take the place of a D coaching course.  In fact, it might be a great introduction that can help coaches better prepare for taking the course.  Ideally, it is meant for those coaches who are not able to invest the time that it takes to fulfil all the requirements of taking the US Soccer D coaching course, but still want to improve themselves as a coach.    

Course Learning Objectives
To gain a better understanding of the…

  • Educational theory and the framework necessary to better prepare players and a team for competition. 
  • Play – Practice – Play training methodology.
  • Simple to Complex training methodology.
  • Six tasks of a coach
  • Process in which it takes to create training session activities.

Course Pre-Requisites  
One Grassroots Coaching Course
Valid Risk Management pass

Course Cost  
$60 per person

Coaching Education Course Schedule can be found here.

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