State E Certification Course at AGM

Presented by New York State West Youth Soccer Association Coach Education Program in conjunction with the AGM & Coaches Workshop.

Total Sports Experience, Elmgrove, Rochester
Tuesday-Saturday, Nov. 14-15, 17-18, 2006

    Tuesday 5:30PM-9:30PM
    Wednesday 6:00PM-10PM
    Friday 5:30PM-10:00PM
    Saturday 8:00AM-10:30AM


      Glen Buckley
        Chris Hershey

    Candidates must submit an application and payment

    Cost: $85.00


    Tuesday, Nov. 14

    5:30pm Course registration
    6:00pm Course Orientation Classroom
    6:30pm Methods Lecture Classroom
    8:00pm Video Presentation - "Positive Parenting" Classroom
    8:30pm Building a Lesson Plan Classroom
    9:30pm Laws of the Game Test Take home

    Wednesday, Nov. 15

    5:30pm Laws of the Game Review Classroom
    6:00pm Tactics Lecture Classroom
    7:15pm Passing, Receiving (Control) Field
    8:00pm Dribbling Field
    8:45pm Turning, Changing Direction with the Ball Field
    10:00pm Methods, Principles of Play, Care and Prevention Test Take Home

    Friday, Nov. 17

    5:30pm Basic Goalkeeping Field
    6:30pm Principles of Play, Defending and Attacking Field
    7:00pm Roles of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Defender
    8:00pm Roles of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Attacker
    9:00pm Candidate practical session preparation in groups
    10:00pm Dispersal

    Saturday, Nov. 16

    8:00am Candidate assessment and review of written papers Classroom
    8:30am Candidate group practical sessions Field
    10:15am Questions, Answers, Comments
    10:30am Coarse Evaluation and Dispersal

    Candidates watch workshop field sessions remainder of Saturday.

    **Please note: Failure to attend all scheduled sessions will result in failure of the course and no certificate will be awarded.