Welcome to the NYSW Coaches Education homepage!

Welcome to the NYSW Coaches Education homepage!





We owe our players what is best for them in terms of development and experiencing the joys of playing soccer. New York State West Youth Soccer Association provides coaching education courses through US Soccer’s Grassroots’ Licensing. We want to provide all clubs with qualified trainers for players from U6 to 13 and above. This pathway assures parents to have confidence in the coach who is training their children. Each license assists the coach to develop the following qualities:

  • An understanding for the game
  • A realistic, fun and game like approach to instruction
  • A holistic approach to coaching
  • A self-reflective and active learner
  • A role model for players and parents
  • A real, sincere interest in every player

US Soccer’s Grassroot’s coaching model is attaching accountability to the role of a coach much like parents have for teachers. If coaches within a club go through Grassroot’s Coaching Licenses, parents can be assured their son or daughter is receiving quality training. The courses are appropriate for the novice parent to players who played the game at high levels.


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"To continue to improve the state of soccer in the United States, we must continue to improve the players in our country. This begins with our coaches and there is not a larger or more impactful group than our coaches at the grassroots level," said Director of Coaching Education, Nico Romeijn. "These new introductory courses will provide a supportive approach to teaching and coaching players at 4v4, 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11. Whether you are the unfamiliar parent volunteer, the transitioning player or a veteran coach, you should be able to walk away from these courses with more knowledge and a better understanding of how to effectively develop your players."