NYSW is taking positive steps forward to encourage more women to become soccer coaches within the footprint of New York State West. NYSW is recruiting current female coaches, college players and every woman who wants to become a licensed coach.

NYSW will offer tuition free Grassroots courses to qualified female candidates in the footprint of New York State West. All the courses will be taught by a female instructor and childcare assistance may be available for qualified candidates*.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed soccer coach and in attending the NYSW WomenInCoaching Grassroots course, please fill out the application form below. The course will be held on April 29 at the Lakefront Soccer Club in Webster NY.

9 am to 1 pm: 9v9 Grassroots course

1 pm to 2 pm: lunch break (free lunch will be provided)

2 pm to 6 pm: 11v11 Grassroots course

7 pm to 11 pm social night (optional)


Application Form



Tracy Hamm: March 2021

Sarah Lowdon: April 2021

Sarah Milner: May 2021
presentation: managing the menstrual cycle.

Candice Fabry: January 2022
presentation: Fearless & Capable Mentorship Program

Stephanie Gabbert: March 2023
Webinar: Confidence, Courage, Resilience, Leadership 
Empowering Girls To Become Powerful And Confident Women Of The Future