Ending of the 2020-2021 RM Season and Preparing for 2021-2022 Season

Ending of the 2020-2021 RM Season and Preparing for 2021-2022 Season

This message includes a few important reminders and notifications as we close out the 2020-21 Risk Management season and prepare the new 2021-22 risk management application process.


There are currently 165 applicants in the 2020-21 season that did not complete their Safesport Mandated Reporter training.  This is now a requirement by federal law for any youth coach or volunteer, who are 18 or older on the date of the RM application, having direct contact with youth players. Typically, Safesport allows you 60 days from the date of your RM application to complete this training before the link expires. Once it expires you will have to either start the RM process over from scratch, or contact Safesport directly to take the training which then costs $25.  Currently, the RM process includes the Safesport training as part of your $35 biennial fee. Failure to pass the background AND complete the Safesport training results in RM failure overall.


Clubs will receive a list of applicants who failed to complete their Safesport so they can plan accordingly for the upcoming season.  Club Admins with access to the RM dashboard in Sports Engine can also view their staffs’ status online.  Staff that is under 60 days from their initial application can still complete the process for this season.  Club registrars are the contact points for this matter.  Do not just send your staff directly to us.


We had a number of club staff over the last season have to start the RM process over again when they were marked as “Pending Verification” and did not reply to NCSI, the background clearing house, within 30 days of their application.  If you have a staff member that appears in your RM dashboard with this status, they will have received up to three (3) emails and one phone call to rectify this status.  All “Pending Verification” means is that NCSI requires additional information to finish a background.  This process will remain for the 2021-22 season and now also include a NYSWYSA notification to Club Admin if a “Pending Verification” remains unanswered for more than 14 days.


Clubs may again pre-purchase application codes to give out to their staff for RM processing. Any remaining codes you have from last year are still good to use for the upcoming season. Codes and processed RM applications are non-refundable.


In the case of minors between the ages of 12 and 17 that need a RM processed for refereeing and/or coaching, Sports Engine provides the ability for a parent/guardian to create a minor account for that purpose.  The parent/guardian must still use a separate and distinct email address for the minor. Do NOT use your own email for their account/RM application.  The email you create for them will become theirs to manage once they become 18 years of age. DO NOT REGISTER OTHER ADULTS USING THIS OPTION. THIS CREATES MAJOR DELAYS AND COMPLICATIONS WITH RM PROCESSING.


IMPORTANT:  When applying for a RM background you must use your full legal name as it appears either on your passport or drivers license.  Clubs must also use the same name within RosterPro when adding new staff.  RM statuses will only synchronize with matched legal names.  The use of aliases and/or nicknames are not allowed for legal reasons.


The 2021-2022 RM Registration will open on or about November 1st.   Any staff member that expires on 12-31-2020 should renew at this time. If you know your returning staff, process them as early as possible.  We typically recommend that you process renewals approximately 90 days ahead of your first active season.  Remember, the new pass is valid for a 2-year calendar period.   Any new staff can start processing as well.  Any staff member that is also a NYSWNY Referee should check with their DRA for renewal instructions and also select “WNY Referee Association” as their primary club.


The 2021-22 RM season will now include a Safesport intuitive interface. This interface will determine if an applicant needs to take the full course or just a refresher course to pass this element of the background.  The new season will also include Concussion Protocol training as required by USYS.  A new RM FAQ and Quick Start Guide will be issued shortly after the November 1st start date.


If you have questions, as always you can email us at riskmanagement@nyswysa.org


Mike Kozak

RM Coordinator - NYSWYSA