Farewell to John Pecchia

Susan Gurak appointed to fill the remainder of Pecchia's term

It is with great admiration and a sense of sadness that we say farewell to John Pecchia, who has been the NYSWYSA Treasurer for almost 5 years. John is the Vice President of Financial Affairs and Chief Financial Officer at St. John Fisher College. He has been responsible for establishing the financial policies that have placed NYSWYSA in a solid financial situation. His achievements include improving the entire budget process, including the volatile ODP budget and in establishing the processes for more accurately projecting future income and expenditures to create stability. His experience and business acumen helped the Association invest, both financially and otherwise, its resources efficiently to vigorously improve existing programs and introduce new services to its membership.

John was also active as a coach in the Rochester area. He was involved in the creation of the NYSWYSA Conflict of Interest Policy in addition to serving as the 86 ODP Boys Team Manager during the 2002-2003 year.

John will be replaced by Susan Gurak, a licensed CPA, who will serve as NYSWYSA Treasurer for the remainder of Johns term, which expires in November of 2004. Susan was appointed to the position Board of Directors during the March 2004 Board Meeting in accordance with the bylaws of NYSWYSA.

John Pecchia leaves the Association in excellent financial condition and will be sorely missed.