NYSWYSA Reinvests in Member

NYSWYSA Reinvests in Member Clubs
We believe that our member clubs know how best to advance the game in their community.  To aid local development of the game grant funds of up to $2,500 are available. Funding for the grants comes in part from our corporate partners along with funds earmarked by the NYSW Board of Directors for reinvestment in our membership.  When you buy from our sponsors you help create opportunities for soccer. 


NYSW Grant Program Goals
  1. Increase club membership through member retention and or new member acquisition.
  2. Improve the conditions for play in communities of member clubs.
  3. Strengthen club leadership through volunteer training or education
  4. Improve parent understanding of the game and behavior through education and other innovative ideas.
Remember: To qualify for a grant, you must attend the NYSW Annual General Meeting In November.
NYSWYSA 2018/19 Grants Awarded

In 2018 the NYSWYSA grants program underwrote a wide variety of needs including field development, equipment and program startup funds.  Since its inception in 2011 the grant program has helped 150 clubs with grants totaling $250,000.

The NYSWYSA Board of Directors has increased the Grant Program to $2000.00 grants to $2500.00 grants.