Quality Soccer Club Accreditation

The Karl Krech Award

The Karl Krech Award is the New York State West Youth Soccer Association certification granted to any member club that promises to follow all of the recommended best practices for managing player development, coach development, parent education, and risk management. 
By adhering to the accepted best practices of club organization and management, your club can thrive and be recognized within the State as a top program.
This distinction will serve your club well as it clearly touts your high standards for club operations, coaching and parent relationships.
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Why is NYSWYSA offering this Award?: NYSWYSA wants to encourage clubs to follow the recommended best practices for managing player development, coach development, and parent education, and to recognize clubs for doing so.
What is my Club’s commitment: Your club’s promise to meet all of the criteria shall be formalized by returning this form, signed by your club president, to the NYSWYSA office. Upon receipt of your signed commitment at the NYSWYSA office, NYSWYSA shall designate your club as being a certified “best practices” club. 
How often must our club re-certify? : The certification must be formally renewed each year.
How is our promise to meet the criteria validated: Successfully meeting the criteria will be on the honor system. Violation of the criteria after making the commitment shall result in loss of certification privileges for the remainder of the current season and for one full season after that.

What are the benefits to my club for achieving this certification? 
·        Enhances your player and coach development programs, and the long term education of players’ parents about the good of the game.
·        Your club will be listed in the NYSWYSA web site as a “best practices” club.
·        Public recognition at the NYSWYSA Annual General Meeting.
·        You may advertise your club as a NYSWYSA “best practices” club.
Who should I contact if we have questions: Contact the NYSWYSA Director of Coaching.
How do we apply for the certification: Complete the application form (accessible in the NYSWYSA web site), have your club president sign it, then return the completed form to NYSWYSA.
What are the requirements for certification: Refer to the award application form (accessible in the NYSWYSA web site).