Marilyn Hanley named 2003 National Chevy Soccer Parent of the Year

Marilyn Hanley of Montana Youth Soccer Association is the 2003 National Chevy Soccer Parent of the Year winner. But to hear her tell it, she's just one small part of the Family of the Year.

"I couldn't spend the time I volunteer without the support of my children and my husband Pat," Marilyn says. "My kids were supportive when they were all living at home and even now when they come home from college, they always come to the office. There hasn't been a time when I have gone to visit them that I haven't taken gobs of paperwork and they sit down and help me assemble, correct and edit it."

Chevy recognizes the dedication of parents as chauffeurs, supportive coaches, enthusiastic fans and levelheaded medics. Marilyn Hanley is one the many examples of parents who are willing to go the extra mile for their children, often without recognition or thanks. This is why Chevy has stepped in to support the soccer parents and their important role in the sport.

Marilyn was honored to be selected as the National Chevy Soccer Parent of the Year among the thousands of dedicated soccer parents across the country.

"To be picked from many others who I'm sure give of themselves to help others is quite a reward. And I didn't have to die to be recognized. The most fulfilling and satisfying reward I have is watching the success in the soccer player's lives (including my own children), because of the choices, lessons and sacrifices they have made playing a sport they all love. As part of the prize package, Marilyn will receive the use of a Chevy TrailBlazer for one year and travel to a U.S. National Team game this summer with her family.

A board member for seven years and registrar for five years at Magic City Soccer Club, Marilyn says helping others is just in her blood.

"I grew up in a community and a home where helping people was a way of life, whether it was babysitting or taking a meal over to a home where somebody had a crisis, mowing someone's lawn because they were unable to, visiting homes on a regular basis for older or sick people without family nearby, taking food to someone's house that didn't have money for groceries (which I always thought was odd because we didn't have any money), painting at the church, etc. My father and my mother raised my siblings to understand we have a responsibility to the people around us."

During the season, Marilyn is always ready to assist the players in her club, whether it is having copies of every team's rosters and travel papers with her at all times, carrying extra uniforms during the season and duct tape to change a number in a pinch or having big marking pens and paper in the car all of the time in order to make signs at the last minute.

A major supporter and sponsor of soccer, Chevrolet sponsors all 55-state youth soccer associations, U.S. Youth Soccer, and the U.S. Soccer Federation. As part of the Chevy soccer-marketing program, each state association selects a Chevy Soccer Parent of the Year. The state winners are then eligible to be named the National Chevy Soccer Parent of the Year.

If you know someone who is deserving of recognition of their involvement of soccer, please contact your state association to find out how to nominate them for the Chevy Soccer Parent of the Year Award.