Membership Approves the New York State West Youth Soccer Association Small Sided Goal Grant Program!!

The New York State West Youth Soccer Association, in conjunction with our partners at SCORE American Soccer Company, will help purchase sets of goals for our membership.
This program will make available, at a reduced cost, a total of up to 40 sets of Score’s World Cup professional style 6’ X 18’ or 7’ X 21’ goals to our member clubs. The total cost for a pair of goals is $1750. The NYSWYSA through this grant will pay $800 toward each set of goals purchased (maximum 40 goals). Each club will be responsible to pay $950 to the Score American Soccer Company for the goals.  
This total includes anticipated shipping expenses. If the shipping costs come in lower than anticipated then we will refund each club the difference. With the volatility of gasoline prices there maybe an increase in the transportation cost and that may not be known until such time as shipping.  We are just providing an estimate to prepay and if it is less due to volume shipping we will return the excess and if it is more Score will bill the clubs directly.
Goal pickup locations will be determined based on where the majority of goals are purchased. The expectation is that this will likely be Buffalo, Binghamton, Rochester or Syracuse, and member clubs will be responsible for transportation from those central locations. Each club is limited to one set of goals, and if demand exceeds the allotted 40 sets of goals, then applications will be drawn at random to determine who will receive the sets of goals. (Clubs which do not win the draw or wish to order more than one set of goals may still be eligible for reduced shipping costs by taking advantage of the bulk discount NYSW will be able to obtain by shipping a number of goals to one location)
The process is as follows:
(1)   Complete the attached application
(2)   Submit the application to Dan Watson @
The application must be received in the NYSWYSA State Office on or before 12/21/07.  No late applications will be considered.
If we receive more than 40 applications to purchase a set of goals, then NYSW will hold a random draw at TSE (Total Sports Experience 880 Elmgrove Rd., Rochester, NY 14264) in their community room on Saturday, January 12th at Noon.   
When the draw is completed, NYSW will email the goal grant winners as well as post their names on our website. Each goal grant award winner will have up until January 31st to remit payment to the NYSWYSA. If payment is not received by the deadline, then the goal grant is forfeited. 
Clubs do not have to be at the drawing to participate. It is anticipated that the goals will be delivered to one of the 4 locations by April 1, 2008. When we firm up the delivery date, NYSW will formally let you know when and where the goals will be shipped to.