New Scientific Study on the Effectiveness of Headgear in Soccer

On July 26, 2005, the Birtish Journal of Sports Medicine released a study titled "Effectiveness of Headgear in Football."  For more information on this study, click on 'learn more."
British Journal of Sports Medicine publishes FIFA funded study showing FULL90 headguard is effective

The British Journal of Sports Medicine, a world renowned peer reviewed medical journal, released on July 26, 2005 its long anticipated study titled "Effectiveness of headgear in football" by C.Withnall, N.Shewchenko, M.Wonnacott and J Dvorak(F-MARC).

Biokinetics and Associates, a highly regarded Canadian research and test laboratory, conducted tests on behalf of F-MARC, FIFA's Medical Assessment and Research Centre. F-MARC was a key contributor to the article.

The purpose of the study was to "evaluate the protective capacity of football headgear that has recently entered the market".

The study concluded that forces associated with heading the ball are generally not sufficient to cause concussions. Thus, "headgear would not be necessary for head to ball impacts".

More importantly, however, various tests conducted in the study on head-to-head impacts showed that such impacts often do reach concussive levels, "head to head contacts is the most likely scenario for concussions".

The Full90 Performance Headguard is the only product in the study marketed specifically for head to head and other hard surface impacts. The study found that Full90 Headguards can reduce the probability of concussion by more than 50% in a head to head collision at an impact speed of 3 meters per second. "The headgear provided measurable benefit during head to head impacts." In every head to head impact condition measured, Full90 provided significant reduction in concussion risk.

Full90 Headguards were also designed to comply with FIFA Law IV and further clarifications specified by the USSF in their March 8, 2003 Player Equipment memorandum. Full90 Performance Headguards have been tested and show no effect on rebound speed of a headed ball, thus the headgear can be worn without changing that important aspect of the game. It is yet to be determined if the other manufacturers products comply with the above.

The British Journal of Sports Medicine's article concludes "The findings of the head to head impacts show headgear provides a measurable improvement in head response".

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