NYSW partners with Parent Plus

New support service for children


    Provide assistance to children who have lost the support of a person that played an important role in their life.

Parent Plus serves the community by improving the life and future of children and young adults who are coping with the traumatic effects of a life-changing tragedy such as death, accident, or serious illness involving someone dear to them. Many things can happen that are outside of our control, the result being the departure of a close and supportive parental type figure.

At one time or another we will all understand how unprepared we are for the loss of a loved one and the emotional roller coaster that follows. As the parent or parents struggle with the adverse conditions the children can face a loss of financial and factual support. Parent Plus helps fill the void in many ways.

Parent Plus has funding available to support children who have lost the support of someone close to them. They offer funding for participation fees and equipment.  As registration approaches, contact Parent Plus as they can reimburse clubs who waive fees or provide funding for the individual families whose children meet their mission. Visit their website at www.parent-plus.com for further information. Please feel free to contact them at info@parent-plus.com or 315-637-4328 with any questions or comments.

If you have or know of a child in your club that could benefit from the services of Parent Plus, please contact them.

Phone: 315-637-4328
via e-mail: info@parent-plus.com