NYSW State Goalkeeping Certificate Course

AGM Weekend 2008 - November 14th and 15th

NYSW Coaching Education Department will be offering a course for goalkeeping.  The goal is to provide coaches with the fundamentals required to address and coach the goalkeeper as he or she would any other player on the field.  See the Coaching section of this website for course details and signup.

This course will be offered as part of AGM Weekend 2008, November 14th and 15th.

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NYSWYSA State Goalkeeping Certificate
Course description
The State Goalkeeping Certificate is a course designed to address technical, functional and psychological considerations of this unique position. Our goal is to provide coaches with the fundamentals required to address and coach the goalkeeper as he or she would any other player on the field. The six hour course will be a combination of classroom discussions and activities and practical field sessions. The first half of the course covers the technical foundation of the position and its application to the game. The second half discusses the goalkeepers role as a part of the team and provides examples of how to integrate the goalkeeper into your training sessions.  
Upon completion of the course, coaches will be awarded a State Goalkeeping Certificate. As with all courses offered by NYSW, candidates will be expected to participate in certain portions of the course. No prior goalkeeping experience is required or expected.
Small-Sided Games for Goalkeeping
When should some players become goalkeepers? Or perhaps more pertinently, when should "goalkeeping" become an integral part of a young player’s experience?
Most experienced soccer people believe players and coaches should not think seriously about "permanent" positions, including goalkeeper, until they get into serious 11-a-side soccer at 13 or 14 years of age, or later. Even then, there are many instances at the very top level of soccer of players moving into new roles/positions in the middle or the latter stages of their careers.
Today’s presenter believes in goalkeeping-for-all from Day One. But it needs to be introduced in a fun way so everyone enjoys the goalkeeping role – even though, they may ultimately prefer or be more suited to, another position.
GK Ball
A goalkeeping warm-up activity played 5 vs. 5 or 6 vs. 6 on a 30 x 20 yard field, where the rule is the ball can only be progressed by throwing and catching and there are certain rules surrounding the eligibility of the goal, e.g., headed goals only.
King’s Court – Knighted
An introductory activity/game to teach side diving. The players kneel up facing one another 5-yards apart with small goals (4-yards) marked with cones for each goalkeeper. Goals only count from rolled balls along the ground. With 3 or more pairs, the winners move up after each round – other than the winner at King’s (or Queen’s) Court.
King’s Court – Gorilla
A progression on the previous activity. Same principle as the KC – Knighted, but now the goals are 6-yards apart and goalkeepers are standing in the “Gorilla” position. As above, only rolled goals from balls along the ground count. Winners move up after each round of two or three minutes.
King’s Court – Throwing
A game that teaches the throwing techniques involved in goalkeeping. Using the same principle as the other two above, pairs are 10 – 12 yards apart (depending on age) with a 12” cone in the middle (need to define the outside lines and the center). Various techniques of GK throwing can be determined by the coach.
Shoot Out at the GK Corral
Not exactly the Wild West, but this game can get pretty wild! Depending on the age of the players use two goals that are age-appropriate 10-yards apart. Mark in a half-way line. Play 3 vs. 3 or 4 vs. 4 where all players are restricted to their half of the field. Coach decides what a legitimate goal is, e.g., goals only count below knee height.
Big Shot
A game that puts goalkeepers into intense, realistic shooting and decision-making situations.
Use two goals that are age-appropriate 20-yards apart. Mark in a halfway line. Play 5 vs. 5 where on each team one is the goalkeeper, three are in the defending half and one (the Sniffer) is on his/her own in the attacking half.  Everyone stays in their half of the field, but everyone other than the goalkeeper can shoot on goal. Within those restrictions play a normal game – including offside to prevent the Sniffer “cherry picking.” Rotate the players ever 3- or 4-minutes.

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