NYSWYSA and Full90 join forces

Full90 Sports is the "Official Headguard Sponsor"

The New York State West Youth Soccer Association is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with Full 90 Sports, a leading provider of safety headgear for soccer players. The new initiative is intended to help build awareness of the availability of new safety technology designed to reduce the risk of head injury from incidental contact in soccer (head-to-head, head-to-ground, head-to-foot, etc.). 


As part of the agreement, the NYSWYSA has designated the Full90 Sports as the "Official Headguard Sponsor of New York West State Youth Soccer Association". The NYSWYSA believes that this relationship will help reduce the number of head injuries without changing the nature of the game of soccer. 


The statements from FIFA and USSF will help clarify the status of modern protective equipment such as Full90 Performance Headguard in soccer's future. The NYSWYSA also recognizes the importance of safety for our players. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to inform your coaches, players, parents, associates and colleagues of the NYSWYSA's position regarding protective headgear for soccer. 


Full90 Performance Headguards are now available at over a dozen soccer specialty stores in western New York. If Full90 products are not now available at your local specialty soccer retailers, please ask them to contact Full90 at the address listed below to set up an account. 

Additionally, more information regarding Full90 Performance Headguards can be found at Full90's website at www.full90.com or by calling 877-4FULL90.