NYSWYSA Contributes to the September 11th Fund

Tragedy touches the entire nation

As the country continues to pause and reflect on the recent tragedies at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the world of youth soccer pauses to reflect as well.

Both of these events happened in Region 1, and as a result, have touched many families in our soccer community. We in NYSW want to extend our deepest sympathy to those families affected by these events. Today, September 22, 2001, the NYSW Board of Directors took actions to contribute $2,500 to the United Way September 11th Fund. This contribution will be made in concert with a $25,000 contribution from U. S. Youth Soccer Region 1 and amounts from the other state associations of U. S. Youth Soccer Region 1.

NYSW Clubs and Leagues who wish to contribute towards the relief funds of the tragedy are encouraged to direct their contributions to the United Ways September 11th Fund.

May God bless America.