Olympic Development Program
Welcome to our Olympic Development Program (NYS West ODP) web site! 
The goal of the Olympic Development Program (ODP) is to identify and advance the most talented and passionate youth players through state, regional, and national team selection and competitions.  The pinnacle is US National Teams from 16 year olds and up that represent the US on the international stage.
The New York State West/US YOUTH SOCCER Olympic Development Program was created for three reasons:

1) to provide high-level training to benefit and enhance the development of players at all levels;

2) through the use of carefully selected and licensed coaches, to develop a mechanism for the exchange of ideas and curriculum to improve all levels of coaching, and

3) to identify a pool of players in each age group from which a National Team will be selected for international competition.

We invite you to experience our program; get involved!

Sibling Discount Policy for ODP Players and Parents
NYSW Board of Directors Approves ODP Program Sibling Discount


At the January 13, 2002 meeting of the Board of Directors for NYSWYSA, the following motions were made and approved for players and families involved in the Olympic Development Program for the 2001-2002 seasonal years. Before a sibling discount can be verified, all rosters must be turned in and all payments received. Once all are in, the State will verify siblings and mail rebates to the families eligible for this benefit.  

     A.  For parents having more than one child in ODP, a 10% discount on both the indoor and outdoor training fee will be applied to each child.  If one child does not make the outdoor pool then the discount no longer applies; that is, if only one child remains in the program the discount is no longer available.  For example, if two or more siblings are in indoor training, each sibling receives a 10% discount off the indoor training fee ($210 less 10% ($21) = $189 per player).  If one child fails to make the outdoor (or State Pool) pool, there is no other sibling remaining thus, the 10% discount is not valid.  However, if both siblings make the State Pool, then each sibling receives a 10% discount off the outdoor training fee.  NO discounts apply for Region I events (Tournament and Camp).

     B.   Players who are in the current Region I Pool for their age group will have their indoor training fee refunded if they make the State Pool.  That is, regional players have to pay the indoor fee up front like all other players.  If they make the current year State Pool (announced in April) they will be refunded the indoor fee, or they can have it applied toward the outdoor training fee

NYSW ODP Structure Defined

The NYSWYSA ODP structure is made up of two segments. The indoor portion of the program consists of training sessions for the players who are in the Indoor Pool. The Indoor Pool is made up of players who are eligible NYW State Team Players from the previous season (see NYW ODP Tryouts for eligibility details) and those players selected through the respective age group ODP tryouts in the Fall. At the conclusion of the Indoor Training Program and after careful evaluation, players are selected to advance to the outdoor portion of the program. These players are State Pool Players, who then train and compete for a roster spot on the NYW ODP State Team that will play in the Region I ODP Tournament. 

In the spring, State Pool Players train at a weekend Development Camp and at outdoor training sessions leading up to the Region I ODP Tournament. There is one outdoor training session just prior to the Region I ODP Tournament for the players selected to the NYW ODP State Team roster. 

Players selected for the tournament are required to pay the tournament fee by the required deadline via the on-line payment process.
State Pool players are eligible to attend the Region I ODP Camp if they so choose. 

Players attending the Region I ODP Camp are required to pay the camp fee by the required deadline also via the on-line payment process.