ODP Returning Players 97, 98, 99, 00, and 01 Boys
If Your Name Is On This List You Do Not Have To Try Out - But You Must Register!


   Attention Returning Players:
   You must go to the on-line registration page and pay your indoor registration fee of $315.00  

   Failure to pay your fee will result in forfeiture of your spot in the pool.

   2000’s & 2001’s deadline for payment of the Indoor Fee is September 27th, 2013.

   1997’s through 1999’s deadline for payment of the Indoor Fee is December 4th, 2013.

   These are hard stop dates!  Payment of fees is the only way to hold your spot!

You must also order your training kit.  Approximate cost of the kit is $18 plus shipping.  Goalkeeper kits are slightly more.  Kits must be ordered by November 15th, 2013 to ensure delivery prior to your first training session. 

The access code to enter the on-line store is:  nyswysaodp

Please click here to enter the store. 

Adger, Charles
Baril, Michael
Bauer, Owen
Bay, Taner
Belardi, Matthew
Benz, Evan
Blaakman, Devan
Brooks, Jared
Broyles, John
Buettner, Noah
Burke, Riley
Callahan, Aidan
Cancilla Vincent
Cancilla, Alexander
Carollo, Dean
Charest, Alexander
Charest, Max
Chilbert, Daniel
Clavel, Pierre
Condo, William
Connolly, Andrew
Coraggioso, Giavanni
Cotroneo, Frank
Curfari, Nicholas
Curry, Tyler
Cutler, Alec
Davis, Isaac
Degani, Marcello
Difrancesco, Jared
Driscoll, Brandon
Epling, Seth
Fascia, Brandon
Fragnito, Josiah
Frappa, Derrick
Frome, Henry
Fuller, Sam
Goodridge, Jerome
Greene, Shane
Gupta, Ishaan
Hakizimala, Toyi
Harrington, Gavin
Harris, Ian
Hendrix, Elijah
Hunter, Michael
Hutton, Conner
Jacobson, Marc
Jameson, Tanner
Johnston, Michael
Juszczak, Michael
Keem, Noah
Kinslow, Ben
Kittel, Abreham
Kocevski, Jeorgio
Kohlbrenner, Jacob
La Gamba, Anotonio
Lado, Benjamin
Lantry, Michael
Lawlor, Zachary
Mahler, Nash
Malloy, Daniel
Maloney, Brady
Margiotta, Adriano
Margiotta, Alessandro
Melveney, Braden
Micho, Sean
Molingou, Likonga
Muoio, Albert
Murali, Anand
Nemeth, Alexander
Noel, Benjamin
Novotny, Jack
O’Donnell, Nick
Olix, Cory
Orr, Benjamin
Pickard, Matthew
Pirnie, Evan
Railey, Jameson
Reid, Jameson
Rosenfeld, Zach
Rott, Raymond
Rubio, Lukas
Saif, Mohammed
Shetler, Parker
Stern, Brett 
Stojanovski, Christopher
Strangio, Rocco
Sutherland, Samuel
Sylvia, Richard
Taber, Jackson
Taylor, Douglas
Thomas, Ethan
Todhunter, Mason
Uliano, Ethan
Vancamp, Peter
Varder, Cuneyt
Varley, Ryan
Wagner, Sam
Wagstaff, Dylan
Walter, Jeremy
Yoshida, Keisuke
Zajdel, Zachary