ODP Returning Players 97, 98, 99, 00, and 01 Girls
If Your Name Is On This List You Do Not Have To Try Out - But You Must Register!
     Attention Returning Players:
   You must go to the on-line registration page and pay your indoor registration fee of $315.00  

   Failure to pay your fee will result in forfeiture of your spot in the pool.

   2000’s & 2001’s deadline for payment of the Indoor Fee is September 27th, 2013.  

   1997’s through 1999’s deadline for payment of the Indoor Fee is December 4th, 2013.

   These are hard stop dates!  Payment of fees is the only way to hold your spot!

You must also order your training kit.  Approximate cost of the kit is $18 plus shipping.  Goalkeeper kits are slightly more.  Kits must be ordered by November 15th, 2013 to ensure delivery prior to your first training session. 

The access code to enter the on-line store is:  nyswysaodp

Please click here to enter the store. 

Allen-Caballero, Xaelel
Bach, Alexis      
Baird, Cortney
Balling, Hope
Barnard, Leanne
Baxter, Madisyn
Belvito, Madison
Bennett, Taylor
Bicknell, Hailey
Bisciotti, Victoria
Boorse, Alexus
Bowers, Riley   
Breindel, Kaylyn
Carboni, Caramia
Carr, Shannon
Carrol, Hailey

Catanzarite, Alexandra                

Crawford, Casey              

Crocker, Victoria
D’Angelo, Darby
Daley, Keri
Dall, Jisela

Davies, Christiana                                          

Davis, Emma
Deeley, Brittany
DenHaese, Emily
Devine, Jenna
Diamond, Samantha
DiGiorgio, Stacey
Dobricki, Rachel
Donovan, Ally
Dorfman, Hannah
Elsenheimer, Mariah
Fahmer, Luca
Foote, Rachel
Ford, Tess
Foti, Lainey
Gardner, Amy
Gentile, Jade

Gervase, Emma                               

Goodchild, Lauren
Green, Monique
Gruber, Kaitlin
Heister, Calista
Hooley, Olivia
Huber, Arielle
Hudson, Wanya
Kasahara, Candice
Koron, Julia
Kwarta, Brielle
Lee, Francesca

Leonardo, Joanna           

Licherdell, Erin
LoCicero, Mary
LoMaglio, Talia

Lowe, Maddy                   

Machiele, Morgan
Maghrak, Samantha
Mascaro, Julia

Michitti, Genna               

Montreal, Alana
Moore, Elizabeth
Mullane, Alexandra
Murray, Jessie inj
Noel, Tahelah
Nugent, Regan
Oldroyd, Kendra
Ordway, Mary
Panepinto, Natasha
Pezzino, Madisyn
Price, Abigail
Pufpaff, Hannah
Purtell, Emily
Reeves, Sidney
Regan, Cailin
Rennoldson, Caitrin
Rennoldson, Isabella
ReQua, Taylor
Rogers, Samantha
Rohlin, Jennafer
Salinas, Brisa
Sargeant, Jada
Sargeant, Sinead
Scalisi, Tatyjana
Siniscarco, Shaelin
Smith, MacKenize
Spitzer, Hannah
Stackel, Claire
Taylor, Madelaine
Valenti, Alexandria
Vasile, Caterina
Vasile, Giuliana
Vinci, Alexandra
Wagner, Kate
Warren, Camryn 
Warren, Marisa
Whipple, Skyler
Wieszczynski, Brianna
Williams, Maddie
Williams, Mariah
Yearby, Kennedy