Designated Training Days for ODP Program

Leagues and State ODP Agree on Set Days

Boys and girls in the U13-U17 winter pools who are selected to advance to the State Pools will continue training with outdoor sessions that will begin in the Spring. The days listed below are mutually agreed to with the leagues in NYSW as NYSW ODP training days to avoid putting players in conflict with their club team and ODP. The outdoor training schedule will be available to State Pool players in early spring.

90's Wednesdays
89's Wednesdays
88's Tuesdays
87's Tuesdays
86's Tuesdays
84's & 85's Mondays

90's Thursdays
89's Thursdays
88's Wednesdays
87's Wednesdays
86's Wednesdays
84's & 85's Thursdays