The Olympic Development Program follows the international age classification system, whereby players are grouped according to their birth year (January 1 – December 31st).  Please note that this is different than that of club soccer (which classifies players using August 1 – July 31st as parameters for its age matrix).  ODP has six age groups for boys and girls, the youngest of which is the U12 age group which is considered a developmental program (where there are no tryouts).


For the 2017-18 ODP season, players born in the following years will be classified as follows:

  • Boys & Girls born in 2001 = U17
  • Boys & Girls born in 2002 = U16
  • Boys & Girls born in 2003 = U15
  • Boys & Girls born in 2004 = U14
  • Boys & Girls born in 2005 = U13
  • Boys & Girls born in 2006 = U12 (Developmental)