Region 1 Western Appalachian Premier Soccer League

Spring 2004

In an effort to expand the the Region 1 Spring Premier League program and allow teams who don't qualify to play in the Premier league a chance to play at a higher level than they can find in a local league, we would like to make you aware that there are 3 new sub-regional leagues that have been organized this year:

NORTHEAST LEAGUE:  accepting teams from ENY, MA, RI, NH, CT and Northern NJ

COLONIAL LEAGUE:  accepting teams from EPA, MD, DE, VA and Southern NJ

WESTERN APPALACHIAN LEAGUE:  accepting teams from PAW, NYW, WVA, and Ohio South

There will be a Champion's Weekend Tournament for the winners of each sub-regional league and the first and second place teams from that championship will receive automatic bids to next year's Premier League. 

Participation in the Region I Western Appalachian Premier Soccer (WAPS) League will qualify teams for the State Cup competition in their State Association. The League is intended for teams below the level of the Director's Premier League: teams not accepted into the Premier League and teams able to play at the level of their state cup Finalists, semi-Finalists, and quarter-Finalists. All teams must have the approval of the state in which they are registered.


Age Groups: the League will consist of a minimum of eight (8) teams for both boys and girls in the Under 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, and 18 Age Groups (age groups may be combined if needed).  The league season will begin the last weekend of March and will be completed by the first weekend of May. The Operating Committee has the right to extend the season if necessary.


Each team will play a minimum of six games (either 3 games on 2 weekends or 2 games on 3 weekends). Teams participating in the Region 1 WAPS League are subject to their own State Associations' State Cup rules as well as all US Youth Soccer National Championship Rules. All teams must agree to enter their State Cup competition. Since the league is a qualifying league and not the actual cup competition, rosters are frozen based on each participating teams state roster freeze date.


Each Application and required Team Information Form MUST be accompanied with a $250.00 league fee (checks made payable to Region I).  Teams not accepted into the League would receive their checks back. The deadline date for the $250.00 will be established by the League Operating Committee.   (Note:  The $250.00 league fee does not cover the Referee game fees). Teams who, upon notification of acceptance, withdraw from the league will forfeit their application fee.


Guest Players:  No Guest Players will be allowed to play on any team participating in the Region 1 WAPS League.


Referee Fees:  The three (3) man system will be used for all games.  Each team will play $ 50.00 per game per team.


Assignment of Officials: Game officials, will be assigned by the State Associations SRA or SYRA from the state where the games are being played.


Payment of Referee Fees:  Each team will be responsible for bringing to the field their half of the referee game fee.  A team that fails to pay its referee fees will be fined


Forfeit Fee:  Any team forfeiting a game will be fined $ 250.00 and will also have to pay the entire referee fees of the game forfeited.  The team's fine monies would have to be paid  before their next game.


League Administration:  The League will be administered by the Operating Committee composed of Region I (US Youth) states participating in the League. At the present time (New York West, PA West, and West Virginia).


Age Commissioners:  All scheduling and administrative matters will be handled by the age group commissioner for the specific age group wherein the team plays. Age Group Commissioners are Spring 2004 are:


U-13 Boys and U-13 Girls     TBD

U-14 Boys and U-14 Girls:     Len Rogers                  304-525-9118

U-15 Boys and U-15 Girls:     Tony Buiniskis             315-374-7758

U-16 Boys and U-16 Girls:     Stan Hunter                  412-835-1835

U-17 Boys and U-18 Boys:     Len Rogers                  304-525-9118

U-17 Girls and U-18 Girls:      Stan Hunter                 412-835-1835