Registration Overview

NYSWYSA annually registers 65,000+ players, coaches, and volunteers. This task is made easier by use of software tools to provide data to the state in a computer readable form. On this page, you will find information regarding policies that deal with registration. It became mandatory that all clubs submit their data in a computer readable format in 1995.

Our registration system underwent a change over from Logical Solutions to Demosphere's web based system, RosterPro during the 2003-2004 season.  Beginning with the 2004-2005 seasonal year, the only acceptable method to register your club members is through RosterPro.  Club Administrators can enter the RosterPro system from the menu on the left side of this page.  If your club does not have a sign in and password, please contact the state registrar, Pam Whitcomb.

RosterPro provides registration, roster management, pass printing, and risk management functions.  As well it provides a method for the club to import/export it's data via Excel and broadcast e-mail to its members.  The information in the database is also used for various purposes by NYSW and required to be submitted to United States Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation. 

Indoor Soccer Teams and RosterPro

To be covered by NYSW insurance while playing indoor soccer, all players and coaches should be registered with their club using RosterPro.
To avoid issues with National Championship Series and travel soccer rules, all indoor play in NYSW is considered recreational soccer.  For indoor teams, please be sure to setup your teams correctly using the team type 'recreational'.  If you set them up as travel,  the  RosterPro program will invoke the two roster limit for your players.  In the past this has caused a problem once spring rolls around and teams head outside as true classic travel programs.   Also if you set the indoor team as travel, you will incur player pass fees to your invoice.