RosterPro™ and Fee Invoices

Automatic invoices

Beginning July 7, 2003 when you log into your club RosterPro site, you will see a monthly summary of all registration activity and the amount of the same activity that has been paid for. This new invoice system will provide you with a real time view of your clubs account.

Each line of the summary displays registration activities for a particular month. When you click on the month in the left hand side of the summary, the monthly invoice statement for registration and insurance, travel passes, secondary registrations, and risk management passes will be displayed.

Once a month each club should be reviewing this statement, printing a copy and sending it along with your payments to the state office. Individuals should be making payments to their club and the club should be sending the payments monthly to the state office.

Payments will no longer be sent to your district commissioner or district registrar. All fees should be paid directly to the state office. PLEASE BE SURE TO PRINT AND INCLUDE YOUR STATEMENT WITH YOUR PAYMENT. Failure to include your statement will delay your payment being reconciled to your account. Checks or money orders are to be made payable to NYSWYSA. NO CASH Please!

Any questions regarding your payments should be directed to Donna at the state office.