Permission for PA West Players to Play in NYSWYSA

This procedure outlines the process for players who reside in PA West and desire to play on a NYSWYSA team.

The player needs to contact the PA West state office and inform them that he/she wishes to play in New York State West.   Click the PAWest logo to go to their state website.

  • Pennsylvania West State Soccer
    111 Whitehead Lane Stee. 200
    Monroeville, PA 15146
    (412) 856-8011
    (412) 856-8012 (Fax)

The Permission to Play form should be completed and submitted to the PA West state office. The PA West state office will register the player. Player must pay the current PA West registration fee. This will provide the player with their insurance and registration with national organizations.

Once PA West approves the permission to play, it will be emailed to the NYSWYSA state office to be approved.  Once approved, a copy will be returned to PA West.  

A player pass will be issued by NYSW for the usual $10.00 fee to match his/her club name and number. Any insurance claims from these players must be filed with PA West, not NYSWYSA.