Seeking a State Technical Director

Employment Opportunity - Apply by February 5

NYSWYSA State Technical Director

NYSW has a solid coaching staff and is looking for an individual with the right combination of leadership, organizational, and technical skills to continue to build on our strengths.   We are looking for person with management and education skills coupled with an entrepreneurial bend to grow the game in western New York.
Requirements: In addition to expertise in soccer a candidate must have strong managerial skills including: fiscal, personnel and time management talents.  Must have solid communication skills both verbal and written and have great relationship building skills to work with volunteers, member clubs and leagues, and state coaching staff.   Must have at least 10 years coaching experience and 5 years administrative experience preferable managing a coaching staff.  Must pass a background check.
Education:   Must possess a USSF “B” coaching license as a minimum, a national Youth Coaching license, USSF “A” license or higher credentials preferred.  Bachelor degree preferred.  Demonstrated skill in education and designing educational programs to enhance the development of the game.
Compensation: Commensurate with experience.
Application Process:   Submit cover letter, salary requirements, and resume electronically (in MS Word or PDF format) to by February 5, 2010.   Applications will be screened by a search committee. 
1. Administrative skills: Administer coaching and education programs, manage talented team of state Assistant Directors of Coaching (ADOC’s) and program leaders.  Fiscal duties include evaluating and establishing the feasibility and budgets of technical programs offered by the state. Create or recommend new programs that enhance the players’ or coaches’ experience and generate revenue for state operations.
2.  Competitive Player Development:  Lead all facets of the Olympic Development Program. This includes player scouting, selection, development, and competition. Recruit, evaluate and manage coaching staff. Ensure the program is fiscally sound and affordable.  Interface with parents and other stakeholders at regional and national levels. Manage program logistics.
3. Coaches Development: Manage the state’s team of instructors, identify new teaching staff, and supervise their professional development. Plan and execute a state-wide education program for member clubs and leagues. Create long-term action plan supported by annual budget preparation for education program.  Create, or oversee, the creation of instructional materials as needed to comply with national regulations and local needs.   Create new educational opportunities including use of technology to educate coaches.
4. Recreational Program Enhancement:  Work with recreational programs to serve the needs of the recreational coach, parent, player and club officers.   Endeavor to provide services to enhance the growth of soccer in underserved areas, socio-economic groups and groups with special developmental needs.   Attend club and league meetings as possible. Lead ADOC’s in providing service to members.
5. Technical Leadership: Provide technical expertise and long-term strategic leadership to guide the development of the NYSW programs.
6. Technical Representation: Communicate with national and regional peers and other soccer professionals (college coaches, international experts) as appropriate as a representative of NYSW.
7. Viability of State Programs: Report regularly to, and work in congruence with, the state executive director and board of director’s to advance soccer in western New York, meet budget, and provide excellent service to member clubs.  This includes board and other staff meetings/interactions as warranted to achieve goals.
8. Further the Game: Carry out any ancillary responsibilities that the president, board of directors, or executive director deem necessary to further the game.