2003 Tide American Cup

Results from this years Tide American Cup:
Girls champions and second place standings:

  U - 12 Girls  Champion   -  Greece Thunder
                     2nd place -    Greece Lighting
  U - 14  Girls   Champion  -    Spencerport
                       2nd place  -    Irondequoit

  U - 18 Girls     Champion  -     Chili
                       2nd place  -      Greece

Boys Champions and second place standings:

  U -12  Boys     Champion    -  Flower City
                        2nd place  -    Scottville

  U - 14 Boys     Champion     -  Flower City
                        2nd place -      Chili

  U - 18 Boys     Champion     -  Nunda-Dalton
                        2nd place  -      Spencerport

This year their were 47 teams  in the Tide America Cup, an increase of 4 teams from last years entries.
Approximately 2,500 spectors watched this event.

New this year at this event was the Tide Trailer, with the Tide inflatable.and Kohl's inflatable kick wall.
Photos from the 2003 Tide American Cup