State Cup Forum

Your ideas and thoughts are needed

NYSWYSA has made several changes to State Cup in the last few years. It is important that we give all of you the opportunity to voice your opinion. With this in mind I am inviting your Club President or Club Representative to open forum on Sunday November 2, 2003 at 2:00 pm at the NYSW State office in Corning, NY.


Please RSVP at 1-800 789-4806 by Oct.30, 2003 so we know how many chairs to set up. Please contact your coaches for their ideas and or concerns so you may share them with us.  Also, below, please find a short questionaire that will help us with your input.



Yours in Soccer,


GARY ACKER 1st VP and State Cup Chairman





October 2003

Please answer the following questions, then E-Mail or Mail back to Gary by October 30:

  1. Do you like the current format for State Cup?
    • yes
    • no

  2. Which would you prefer for the Finals?
    • Round robin final 4
    • Final 4 with semi finals on Sat and Final on Sunday(only the 2 winners on Sat would play on Sunday)

  3. Which would you prefer for playdowns?
    • District playdowns
    • All teams in a hat and drawn out like we did in 2003
    • All teams seeded
    • Other_______________________________________________________

  4. If we keep the Final 4 format as is (total 3 games per team), would you prefer to have?
    • 2 games on 1 day and 1 game on the other( like we do now)
    • 1 game per day(have to go to a 3 day event)

  5. If we would go to a 3 day event would you prefer to have it?
    • Same weekend as we do now (weekend following Memorial Day weekend)
    • Memorial Day weekend

  6. Please feel free to add any comments below: