Results of Blind Draw

The blind draw to fill the play down brackets for the State Cup tournament was held on April19, 2014 at 2:00PM in Cortland, NY

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1st Round Play Down Game Schedule

The 1st round play down schedule for all age groups has been set.  Any questions, please contact the Tournament Director, Hugh Goodridge.

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2014 NYSWYSA State Cup Playdown Referee Fees and Field Rental Fees

Field Rental Fees

This fee is to cover the cost of securing the field for the match. Each team will be charged $35.00 for each play down game they have. For teams that do not advance through the playdown to the Final 4, the fee will be deducted from their $200 refund. For teams that do advance an invoice will be mailed to the team. Payment must be received at the State Office before Final Four registration.

Referee Fees

Before the start of the match, each team shall make payment to the referee crew in the amount stated under the "Per Team" column. It is up to the referees to split the fees amongst themselves according to the table below.







Under 12




Under 13, 14




Under 15, 16




Under 17, 18, 19




2014 Cup Dates for Planning Purposes
All dates are tentative and subject to change

2014 National Championship Series Dates
All Play Down Games at Central District Sites  
      Binghamton Site - Greater Binghamton Sports Complex  
     Buffalo Site - Wilson Central Schools  
     Elmira Site - Eldridge Park  
     Rochester Site - Grace & Truth Sports Park  
     Syracuse Site - Cato Recreational Facility  
Activity 2014
Registration Opens ($475 entry fee)  January 6
Registration Closes March 31
Roster Freeze for U12 thru U18 Teams April 16
Blind Draw - 2PM Cortland, NY April 19
Play Down Schedule Released April 21
ODP Development Weekend April 26-27
Wk 1 - Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 3 - All U12 to U15 Boys and Girls (SAT Test Date)

May 3

Sunday, May 4 - All U16 to U18 Boys and Girls

May 4
Roster Freeze for U19 Teams May 9
Wk 2 - 2nd Round Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 10 - All Girls Games

May 10

Sunday, May 11 - All Boys Games

May 11
Wk 3 - Back-up play date and all U19 Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 17 - All Boys Games

May 17

Sunday, May 18 - All Girls Games

May 18
State Cup - Cortland, NY (June 7 is an SAT Test Date) May 30 - June 1
Region I Championships - Kingston, RI June 26 - July 1
National Championships - Maryland Soccer Complex, MD July 21 - July 27


All Teams in the Tournament are now Listed.
 National Championship Series 2014
 Under 12
Under 12 Boys
Black Watch Premier - Buffalo Gunners
BYSA Soccer Central U12B Black
BYSA Soccer Central U12B Blue
Cobras FC - Gombatto
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U12 Boys
Empire Revolution - Rochester U12 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U12 Boys
Rochester FC U12 Boys
Super9 U12 Boys
Syracuse Development Academy U12 Boys
United FC Adidas U12 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U12 Boys
WNY Flash Academy U12 Boys
 Under 13
Under 13 Boys
BYSA Soccer Central U13 Boys
Cobras FC U13 Boys
Doug Miller Soccer U13B Swerve
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U13 Boys
Empire Revolution - Rochester U13 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U13 Boys
Greater Binghamton FC 00/01 Boys
Soaring Capital City Strikers
Super9 U13 Boys
Syracuse Development Academy U13 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U13 Boys
 Under 14
Under 14 Boys
Amherst Attack
BYSA Soccer Central U14 Boys
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U14 Boys
Empire Revolution - Rochester U14 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U14 Boys
Lockport Lightning Premier
Soaring Capital SC U14 Boys
Syracuse Development Academy U14 Boys
TC United Waza Academy U14 Boys
United FC Adidas U14 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U14 Boys
 Under 15
Under 15 Boys
Amherst United
Buffalo Soccer Academy U15 Boys
BYSA Soccer Central U15 Boys
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U15 Boys
Empire Revolution - Rochester U15 Boys
Flower City United U15 Boys
Rochester FC U15 Boys
Soaring Capital Firehawks
Super9 U15 Boys
Syracuse Development Academy U15 Boys
United FC Adidas U15 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U15 Boys
 Under 16
Under 16 Boys
Amherst Crew
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Celtic
Black Watch Southern Tier Dundee
BYSA Soccer Central U16 Boys
Cobras FC - Donahue
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U16 Boys
Empire Revolution - Rochester U16 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U16 Boys
Lancaster Depew United U16 Boys
Lancaster FC U16 Boys
Soaring Capital Galaxy
Super9 U16 Boys
Syracuse Development Academy U16 Boys
Syracuse SA Sharks
Webster Dynamo ESA U16 Boys
 Under 17
Under 17 Boys
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Thistle
BYSA Soccer Central U17 Boys
Doug Miller Soccer U17B Stealth
Doug Miller Soccer U17B Swerve
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U17 Boys
Empire Revolution - Rochester U17 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U17 Boys
Greece United FC U17 Boys - Paris
Orchard Park Alliance
Pittsford Mustangs Spurs
Rochester FC U17 Boys
Soaring Capital United
Super9 U17 Boys
Syracuse Development Academy U17 Boys
United FC Adidas U17 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U17 Boys
 Under 18
Under 18 Boys
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Rangers
BYSA Soccer Central U18 Boys
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U18 Boys
Empire Revolution - Rochester U18 Boys
Rochester FC U18 Boys
Syracuse Development Academy U18 Boys
TC United Waza Academy U18 Boys
United FC Adidas U18 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U18 Boys
 Under 19
Under 19 Boys
ALS Premier SC
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Arsenal
Cobras FC - Italian Americans
Lancaster FC U19 Boys
United FC Adidas U19 Boys
 Under 12
Under 12 Girls
Doug Miller Soccer U12G Stealth
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U12 Girls
Empire Revolution - Rochester U12 Girls
Greater Binghamton FC Select U12 Girls
SDA Cortland U12 Girls
Syracuse Development Academy U12 Girls
United FC Adidas U12 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U12 Girls
WNY Flash Academy U12 Girls
 Under 13
Under 13 Girls
Buffalo Soccer Academy U13 Girls
Doug Miller Soccer U13 Girls
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U13 Girls
Empire Revolution - Rochester U13 Girls
Greater Binghamton FC Select - Riley
Rochester FC U13 Girls
Rochester Rhinos Elite SC U13 Girls
Soaring Capital Legacy
Syracuse Development Academy U13 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U13 Girls
 Under 14
Under 14 Girls
Doug Miller Soccer U14 Girls
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U14 Girls
Empire Revolution - Rochester U14 Girls
GPS - New York Lady Knights U14 Girls
Greater Binghamton FC U14 Girls
Rochester FC U14 Girls
Syracuse Development Academy U14 Girls
Syracuse SA Cheetahs
United FC Adidas U14 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U14 Girls
 Under 15
Under 15 Girls
Buffalo Soccer Academy Crusaders
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U15 Girls
Empire Revolution - Rochester U15 Girls
GPS - New York Lady Knights U15 Girls
Rochester FC U15 Girls
Super9 U15 Girls
Syracuse Development Academy U15 Girls
Syracuse SA Angry Monkeys
United FC Adidas U15 Girls
 Under 16
Under 16 Girls
Doug Miller Soccer U16 Girls
Empire Revolution - Buffalo U16 Girls
Empire Revolution - Rochester U16 Girls
Empire Revolution - U16G State Academy
Rochester FC U16 Girls
Soaring Capital Storm
Syracuse Development Academy U16 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U16 Girls
 Under 17
Under 17 Girls
Alliance FC Buffalo Legends U17 Girls
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Hearts
Buffalo Soccer Academy Blizzard
Doug Miller Soccer U17 Girls
Empire Revolution - Rochester U17 Girls
Empire Revolution - U17G State Academy
Rochester FC U17 Girls
Rochester Rhinos Elite SC U17 Girls
Syracuse Development Academy U17 Girls
United FC Adidas U17 Girls
 Under 18
Under 18 Girls
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Saints
Empire Revolution - U18G State Academy
Rochester FC U18 Girls
Soaring Capital Renegades
Syracuse Development Academy U18 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U18 Girls
 Under 19
Under 19 Girls
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Jags
Empire Revolution - Rochester U19 Girls
United FC Adidas U19 Girls