2015 Winning Team Photos
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U12 Boys U12 Girls U13 Boys U13 Girls
U14 Boys U14 Girls U15 Boys U15 Girls
U16 Boys U16 Girls U17 Boys U17 Girls
U18 Boys U18 Girls U19 Boys U19 Girls
National Championship Series 2015 Winners and Results
 National Championship Series 2015
Division Champion Finalist Result
Under 12 Boys BYSA Soccer Central U12B Black GPS - New York Knights U12B 1st, 2nd
Under 13 Boys ERSA Rochester U13 Boys ERSA Buffalo U13 Boys 1st, 2nd
Under 14 Boys BYSA Soccer Central U14B SDA U14 Boys 1st, 2nd
Under 15 Boys Lockport Lightning Premier SDA U15 Boys Blue 1st, 2nd
Under 16 Boys Webster Dynamo ESA U16 Boys - Chaves Rochester Futbol Club U16B 1st, 2nd
Under 17 Boys BYSA Soccer Central U17B SDA U17 Boys Blue 1st, 2nd
Under 18 Boys ERSA Buffalo U18 Boys Rochester Futbol Club U18B 1st, 2nd
Under 19 Boys Rochester Futbol Club U19B SDA U19 Boys 1st, 2nd
Under 12 Girls ERSA Rochester U12 Girls BYSA Soccer Central U12G Black 1st, 2nd
Under 13 Girls GBUFC 01 Select ERSA Rochester U13G 1st, 2nd
Under 14 Girls ERSA Buffalo U14 Girls Rhinos Elite SC U14 Girls 1st, 2nd
Under 15 Girls SDA U15 Girls ERSA Buffalo U15 Girls Blue 1st, 2nd
Under 16 Girls BSA U16 Girls SDA U16 Girls 1st, 2nd
Under 17 Girls SDA U17 Girls ERSA U17 Girls State Academy 1st, 2nd
Under 18 Girls AFC Buffalo Legends DMS U18G United 1st, 2nd
Under 19 Girls Rochester Futbol Club U19G ERSA U19 Girls State Academy 1st, 2nd
2015 Cup Calendar
Plan Now! All dates are subject to change.
All Playdown Games at Central District sites  
Activity 2015 Dates
Registration Opens  5-Jan
Registration Closes 29-Mar
Roster Freeze for U12 thru U18 Teams 15-Apr
Blind Draw - 2PM Cortland, NY 18-Apr
Play Down Schedule Released 21-Apr
ODP Development Weekend 25-26 Apr
Wk 1 - Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 02 - All U12 to U15 Boys and Girls (SAT Test Date)


Sunday,   May 03 - All U16 to U18 Boys and Girls

Roster Freeze for U19 Teams 10-May
Wk 2 - 2nd Round Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 09 - All Girls Games


Sunday,   May 10 - All Boys Games

Wk 3 - Back-up play date and all U19 Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 16 - All Boys Games


Sunday,   May 17 - All Girls Games

State Cup - Cortland, NY 29 - 31 May
Region I ODP Tournament (June 6 is SAT Test Date) 5-7 Jun 
Region I Championships – Barboursville, WV 25 - 30 Jun 
National Championships – Mohawk Soccer Complex Tulsa, OK 20 - 26 Jul