Resulting Brackets from Blind Draw held on April 18, 2015

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Play down schedules to follow later in the week of April 20.

2015 Cup Calendar
Plan Now! All dates are subject to change.
All Playdown Games at Central District sites  
Activity 2015 Dates
Registration Opens  5-Jan
Registration Closes 29-Mar
Roster Freeze for U12 thru U18 Teams 15-Apr
Blind Draw - 2PM Cortland, NY 18-Apr
Play Down Schedule Released 21-Apr
ODP Development Weekend 25-26 Apr
Wk 1 - Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 02 - All U12 to U15 Boys and Girls (SAT Test Date)


Sunday,   May 03 - All U16 to U18 Boys and Girls

Roster Freeze for U19 Teams 10-May
Wk 2 - 2nd Round Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 09 - All Girls Games


Sunday,   May 10 - All Boys Games

Wk 3 - Back-up play date and all U19 Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 16 - All Boys Games


Sunday,   May 17 - All Girls Games

State Cup - Cortland, NY 29 - 31 May
Region I ODP Tournament (June 6 is SAT Test Date) 5-7 Jun 
Region I Championships – Barboursville, WV 25 - 30 Jun 
National Championships – Mohawk Soccer Complex Tulsa, OK 20 - 26 Jul
Accepted Teams

National Championship Series 2015

Under 12
Under 12 Boys
BYSA Soccer Central U12B Black
BYSA Soccer Central U12B Blue
Cobras FC - Borcyk
ERSA Buffalo U12B Blue
ERSA Rochester U12 Boys
GBUFC U12 Boys - Marco
GPS - New York Knights U12B
Rochester Futbol Club U12B
SDA U12 Boys
SSA Pythons
Webster Dynamo ESA U12 Boys
WNY Flash Academy U12B
Under 13
Under 13 Boys
Amherst Fusion
BYSA Soccer Central U13B
ERSA Buffalo U13 Boys
ERSA Rochester U13 Boys
GBUFC U13 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U13B
Rochester Futbol Club U13B
SDA U13 Boys
WNY Flash Academy U13B
Under 14
Under 14 Boys
BYSA Soccer Central U14B
Chili SA Shamrocks
Cobras FC Misiurewicz
DMS U14B Academy
ERSA Buffalo U14 Boys
ERSA Rochester U14 Boys
GBUFC 00 Select
GPS - New York Knights U14B Elite
Rochester Futbol Club U14B
SDA U14 Boys
Super9 U14 Boys
Under 15
Under 15 Boys
BYSA Soccer Central U15B
Chili FC U15 Boys
Cobras FC - Palermo
ERSA Buffalo U15 Boys
ERSA Rochester U15 Boys
GBUFC U15B Adidas
GPS - New York Knights U15B
Lockport Lightning Premier
Rochester Futbol Club U15B
SDA U15 Boys Blue
Soaring Caps Elite
TC United Waza Academy
Webster Dynamo ESA U15 Boys
Under 16
Under 16 Boys
Amherst United
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Montrose
BSA U16 Boys
BYSA Soccer Central U16B
DMS U16B United
ERSA Buffalo U16 Boys
Flower City United
GBUFC 98/99 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U16B
Rochester Futbol Club U16B
Rochester Futbol Club U16B Blue
SDA U16 Boys
Soaring Capital Firehawks
Super9 U16 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U16 Boys - Chaves
Under 17
Under 17 Boys
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Celtic
BYSA Soccer Central U17B
Clarence Inferno
Cobras FC Elite
ERSA Buffalo U17 Boys
ERSA Rochester U17B Blue
GPS - New York Knights U17B
Lancaster FC
Lancaster-Depew United
NWAA Galaxy FC
SDA U17 Boys Blue
SSA Sharks
Super9 U17 Boys
Webster Dynamo ESA U17 Boys
Under 18
Under 18 Boys
Amherst Stallions
Black Watch Premier - Buffalo Celtic
BYSA Soccer Central U18B
DMS U18B United - Black
ERSA Buffalo U18 Boys
ERSA Rochester U18B
GBUFC U18 Boys
GPS - New York Knights U18B
Rochester Futbol Club U18B
SDA U18 Boys
TC United Waza Academy
Webster Dynamo ESA U18 Boys
Under 19
Under 19 Boys
BYSA Soccer Central U19B
ERSA Buffalo U19 Boys Revs
GBUFC U19 Boys
Rochester Futbol Club U19B
SDA U19 Boys
Soaring Capital United
Stormers StormHawks
Tillie's Touch U19 Boys
Under 12
Under 12 Girls
BYSA Soccer Central U12G Black
BYSA Soccer Central U12G Blue
Delaware Soccer Club - Flash
ERSA Buffalo U12 Girls
ERSA Rochester U12 Girls
GBUFC '02 Select
GPS - New York Lady Knights U12G
Rochester Futbol Club U12G
SDA U12 Girls
Webster Dynamo ESA U12 Girls
WNY Flash Academy U12G
Under 13
Under 13 Girls
Cobras FC - Talone
DMS U13G Academy
ERSA Buffalo U13 Girls
ERSA Rochester U13G
GBUFC 01 Select
SDA U13 Girls
Soaring Capital Gliders
Webster Dynamo ESA U13 Girls
WNY Flash Academy U13G
Under 14
Under 14 Girls
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Diamonds
BSA U14 Girls
DMS U14G Academy
ERSA Buffalo U14 Girls
ERSA Rochester U14G
GBUFC U14 Girls - Riley
GPS - New York Lady Knights U14G
Rhinos Elite SC U14 Girls
Rochester Futbol Club U14G
SDA U14 Girls
Soaring Capital Legacy
Webster Dynamo ESA U14 Girls
Under 15
Under 15 Girls
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Killie
ERSA Buffalo U15 Girls Blue
ERSA Rochester U15 Girls
GBUFC 99/00 Select Red
GPS - New York Lady Knights U15G
Hamburg Monarchs Black
Rochester Futbol Club U15G
SDA U15 Girls
Spencerport Soccer Club
Webster Dynamo ESA U15 Girls
Under 16
Under 16 Girls
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Saints
BSA U16 Girls
Cobras FC - Krause
ERSA Rochester U16 Girls
GPS - New York Lady Knights U16G
Rochester Futbol Club U16G
SDA U16 Girls
Soaring Capital Stealth
SSA Angry Monkeys
Under 17
Under 17 Girls
Cobras FC - Tegas
DMS U17G United
ERSA Rochester U17 Girls
ERSA U17 Girls State Academy
Rochester Futbol Club U17G
SDA U17 Girls
Soaring Capital Storm
Under 18
Under 18 Girls
AFC Buffalo Legends
Akron Wave
Black Watch Premier-Buffalo Hearts
DMS U18G United
ERSA Rochester U18G
Rochester Futbol Club U18G
Under 19
Under 19 Girls
ERSA U19 Girls State Academy
Rochester Futbol Club U19G