National Championship Series 2017 Results
 National Championship Series 2017
Division Champion Finalist Result
2005 - Boys 12U GPS-NY Elite 12U Boys EUSA Rochester 12U Boys 1st, 2nd
2004 - Boys 13U Rochester Futbol Club 13U Boys Syracuse Development Academy 13U Boys 1st, 2nd
2003 - Boys 14U United Soccer Alliance Predators Rochester Futbol Club 14U Boys 1st, 2nd
2002 - Boys 15U EUSA Rochester 15U Boys Syracuse Development Academy 15U Boys 1st, 2nd
2001 - Boys 16U BYSA Soccer Central 16U Boys Black Rochester Futbol Club 16U Boys 1st, 2nd
2000 - Boys 17U Greater Binghamton FC 17U Boys Select EUSA Rochester 17U Boys 1st, 2nd
1999 - Boys 18U FC Buffalo Academy BYSA Soccer Central 18U Boys 1st, 2nd
1997-1998 - Boys 19/20U EUSA Buffalo 20U Boys BYSA Soccer Central 20U Boys 1st, 2nd
2005 - Girls 12U Rhinos Elite SC 12U Girls WNY Flash 12U Girls Red 1st, 2nd
2004 - Girls 13U Greater Binghamton FC 13U Girls Select BYSA Soccer Central 13U Girls 1st, 2nd
2003 - Girls 14U Greater Binghamton FC 14U Girls Select Syracuse Development Academy 14U Girls 1st, 2nd
2002 - Girls 15U Syracuse Development Academy 15U Girls GPS-NY Elite 15U Girls 1st, 2nd
2001 - Girls 16U Greater Binghamton FC 16U Girls Select Syracuse Development Academy 16U Girls 1st, 2nd
2000 - Girls 17U Syracuse Development Academy 17U Girls Rhino Elite SC 17U Girls 1st, 2nd
1999 - Girls 18U Syracuse Development Academy 18U Girls EUSA Rochester 18U Girls 1st, 2nd
1997-1998 - Girls 19/20U Rochester Futbol Club 20U Girls Akron Northwest Wave 1st, 2nd
2017 State Cup Winners
12U Boys 12U Girls 13U Boys 13U Girls
14U Boys 14U Girls 15U Boys 15U Girls
16U Boys 16U Girls 17U Boys 17U Girls
18U Boys 18U Girls 20U Boys 20U Girls
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2017 Cup Calendar
Plan Now! All dates are subject to change.
All Playdown Games at Central District sites  
Activity 2017 Dates
Registration Opens  4-Jan
Registration Closes 2-April
Roster Freeze for 12U thru 18U Teams 19-April

Blind Draw - 2PM

Cortland Regional Sports Council Office
37 Church Street
Cortland, NY


Play Down Schedule Released 25-April
ODP Development Weekend 29 April - 30 April
Wk 1 - Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 06

   Boys:  12U, 13U, 14U  Round 1

   Girls:  12U, 13U, 14U, 15U  Round 1 



Sunday,   May 07

   Girls:  16U, 17U, 18U  Round 1


Roster Freeze for 20U Teams 14-May
Wk 2 - Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 13

   Boys:  15U, 16U, 17U, 18U  Round 1

   Boys:  12U, 13U, 14U   Round 2



Sunday,   May 14

   Girls:  12U, 13U, 14U   Round 2

   Girls:  17U, 18U   Round 2


Wk 3 - Playdown Games  

Saturday, May 20

   Boys:  20U   Round 1

   Girls:  20U   Round 1

   Boys:  15U, 16U, 17U, 18U   Round 2

   Girls:  15U, 16U   Round 2



Sunday,   May 21 - Make-Up Day


State Cup - Cortland, NY (June 3 is SAT Test Date) 2 - 4 June
Region I ODP Tournament  9 - 11 June 
Region I Championships – Spotsylvania, VA 29 June - 4 July 
National Championships – Toyota Soccer Complex - Frisco, TX 24 - 30 July