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June 2010 Edition
NYW Youth Soccer Teams Advance in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series to Region I Competition
This year the NYSW State Cup Tournament began with the largest field ever – 139 teams spread among the age groups from 12 to 19.  Sixteen outstanding youth soccer teams were named state champions June 6th and will advance to Regional Competition in July.  The winners have advanced to compete in the US Youth Soccer Region I Championships on July 1-6, in Barboursville, WV.  In addition NYSW will be sending a wildcard team in the U18G division.  For candid photos from the weekend, please visit our  Facebook page or DtStudios for official team photos.  For the complete list of winners and results - go here!
Foti joins Coaching Staff as new Technical Director
NYSW is pleased to welcome Dean Foti as the new Technical Director.    Dean brings a wealth of experience to this role.  He has served on both the regional and national Olympic Development Program staff and as a scout for the United States Soccer Development Academy.  Foti spent nearly 20 years as the men’s varsity coach at Syracuse University.  He holds his USSF ‘A’  and NSCAA Advance National Diploma.  He Is a graduate of Syracuse University with a BS in Marketing and a MS in Physical Education.  Dean can be reached at or through the office at 607-962-9923.  He is excited to meet parents, players, coaches and club officials.

Region I ODP Tournament Report
The NYW ODP teams participated in the Region I ODP Tournament in Trenton, NJ on June 11-13th.  Fourteen teams (7 girls and 7 boys, ages U-13 through U-17) competed with the 14 other state associations that make up US Youth Soccer Region I at Rider College, Mercer County Park and Bordentown Friendship Fields.  The weekend was highlighted from beginning to end by several impressive results and numerous outstanding team performances.  NYW teams got off to an outstanding start with some great results in Friday’s opening games.  The NYW U-15 and U-17 Girls started the fireworks with wins over traditional powerhouse Maryland, 1-0 and 2-1 respectively; while our NYW U-16 girls tied Virginia 0-0 and the U-17 Boys defeated Rhode Island 1-0.  By the end of the weekend, four teams entered their final games on Sunday with a chance to advance to the Regional Final Four in Kirkwood, DE on June 26-27.  The U-16 Girls finished first in their group and will advance to Kirkwood, while several other teams finished with two wins (out of three group games), including the U-15 Girls who went undefeated (2-0-1), conceded only one goal, finished tied for first in their group, but failed to advance due to an inferior goal differential (tie-breaker).  We are proud of all of our player’s efforts.  They played hard, competed well, persevered in the heat and humidity, and represented NYW with great pride.  The tournament also serves as an opportunity for several players to be identified as candidates for the Regional Pools in their respective age groups.  Congrats to all on a fine showing and good luck to those who move on to compete at the regional level. Good luck to the NYW U-16 Girls on their quest for a Regional Championship – you can follow them by checking tournament scores at
Region I President's Cup Results 
Were you aware that there is another road to a national championship?  Each year US Youth Soccer holds the President's Cup.  This competition is designed for teams that do not compete in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series which is designed for more premier programs.  NYW recently had 3 teams compete in the Region I President's Cup that was held over Memorial Day weekend in Saratoga Springs.  The U16B's Greece Buccaneers finished with a 1-2 record, the U17B's from Kenton Soccer club also finished 1-2.  Meanwhile the U16G's from the Webster Soccer Association went 3-0 in group play, and then moved on to defeat Virginia 4-0 in their semi-final.  The played Eastern NY in the finals and lost 2-1 in overtime.  Winners of the regional competition move on to play for the national President's Cup title which will be held July 8-11 in Murfreesboro, TN.  Want a chance to enter this event?  You can begin your 2011 qualifying by entering the President's Cup division of the Lancaster Depew End of Summer Classic.
Prevention, not just for Forest Fires...
By Amy Gush, Executive Director
OK, here are some questions I get fairly often that pertain to limiting risk around your club and players.   The old ounce of prevention idea pertains here…
1.  Player’s names on jersey’s?   We do not have a state policy on this.  However, what parent would really want to give “Herbert the pervert” 50% of a kid’s identity right there on his/her back?   If you know a last name and the town the family likely lives in –deducible from the club they play for – you are about 80% of the way to an address, then a likely school attended… you see how this could go very badly…why take the risk?  
2.  Dogs at soccer games…Leave the dogs at home.  Most fields prohibit dogs from being on the grounds for hygiene (think scooper) and safety issues (bites, fights, being left in a hot car).  Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, I have two dogs.  They stay home when I go to a game.
3. Fireworks and alcohol…hate to be a party pooper, but NYSW insurance only covers the play of soccer.  If your club is having a party or BBQ that activity is covered.   However, there is absolutely no liability coverage for fireworks or adult beverages at events.  If you have those activities as part of your event, get separate insurance for those activities. If you serve alcohol, have a licensed caterer dispense.
4. Adults on the bench side of the pitch… While this is usually parents, a coach is responsible for the welfare of the children during the game.  Sometimes parental influence overrides ability to listen effectively to the coach - this could hamper learning the game.   A coach also doesn’t know who is interacting with the kids on the bench while coaching the players on the field.   As in point one above, why create a situation for even brief unsupervised contact.
I hate to even bring this stuff up, but it is a strange world we are living in.  Protect your players, your club, and yourself through a bit of prevention.
Recognize a Star! 
It is time to start thinking about recognizing your club members for NSYW Awards.   Award categories are Young Referees – male and female, Recreation Coach – Male and Female, Competitive Coach – Male and Female, TOPSoccer Buddy, Administrator, and Hall of Fame Candidates.  Call for nominations will be out this summer.
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Keep Performance up and Core Temperature down during Summer Soccer
The hot and sunny days ahead are hallmarks of the summer season.  Outdoor soccer is in full swing and this is a remind everyone - coaches, spectators and athletes to be mindful of hot and humid weather safety issues. 
1.  Water – Drink it often and early (recommended to pre-load your body with water at least 15- 30 minutes before beginning exercise).   Continue to drink throughout the activity – be it a game or practice to counter fluid lost through sweating.  However, don’t guzzle the stuff.  A regular steady supply of liquid helps your body cope with the replenishment of lost water.  Water or other liquids should be available in hot weather to exercising children throughout practice and games.
2.  Adjust training activity to cooler times of the day.  This is not possible at tournaments and other scheduled activities and playing on artificial turf surfaces may also add heat to the playing field.   If you have to play during extreme heat and humidity watch for signs of heat stress, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke.  For signs see links below.
3.  Wear clothing that allows for heat dissipation – loose, breathable fabrics, in light colors.  
4.  Humidity hampers sweat evaporation.   Be vigilant on very humid days as sweat evaporation is the key mechanism for body cooling in high temperatures.
5.  If you are a spectator or an athlete between games find or create shade using an umbrella or tent.
6. Also, take it easy slow down during extreme heat and humidity especially if you feel taxed or faint.  Children and older adults may be more susceptible to heat issues. 
For more information see suggested links:
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