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May 2010 Edition
We’ve Moved to New State Headquarters
The state office has moved to 11397 LPGA Drive in Corning, NY. The building is conveniently located off Route 17/Interstate 86, just east of downtown Corning.   All phone numbers stay the same and the staff look forward to continuing to serve members needs.  Correspondence should be sent to NYSWYSA, P.O. Box 1247, Corning, NY 14830.  Click the photo for a larger image of the new building.
New Website Design
Thanks to the efforts of the Demosphere design team and our assistant director, Tim Mellander, we’ve got a whole new look.   Early comments are positive and people seem to like the new “tab” navigation system.  To see the new design, click here.
Rochester’s River Flow Coaches Recognized for Promoting Health through Soccer
Chris Hogan and Andrew Huffer are 4th year medical students at the University of Rochester and soccer coaches.   Using soccer as a core, they have worked with the River Flo soccer club to incorporate nutrition and fitness into the club’s training program. To read more click here.
Let’s make it a Great Game …Don’t be “THAT” Parent.
By Amy Gush, Executive Director
If you are over 40 and like me, it has possibly been decades since you last competed in any sport.  I have to say, I don’t remember the score of any game I played as a kid (do you?); but, I do remember that one dad that made a fool of himself yelling at his kid and insulting the opposing team at every game.  I exhort you - don’t be that parent. Don’t be that screeching mom or irate dad, not once, even if the referee, or coach, or player ‘is’ an idiot in your opinion. Your kid won’t remember this game twenty years from now, but they might remember the embarrassment of Mom or Dad losing it.  It is not a family memory you want to ingrain in your kid’s mind or in his teammates’ minds either. Even in just recalling the memory…I feel sorry for my former teammate thirty- some years later.
Spectator behavior can add positive energy and enthusiasm to the game. Parents, grandparents and friends all cheering on the players can create a very good atmosphere on the pitch. Soccer is an enjoyable game to watch at any level of play.   However, one poor sport in the crowd can turn a game ugly. The children are out on the field to have fun and learn the game of soccer, let’s not have ’em learning four - letter words or boorish behavior.  Let’s make each game a great game.  For more information on NYSW’s stance on fan behavior, please read the zero tolerance policy.
 More on the ODP Costa Rica Trip
by Brenna Mason and Emma Firenze
Being able to play soccer at the International level is an unbelievable experience. During our week in Costa Rica we had a training session each day, and four out of the seven days we got the chance to play the Costa Rican Woman’s First Division teams. Our Region I team came in second in the whole tournament winning all of our games. This year was also the first year that a US regional team, Region II,  won the tournament. However, the Costa Rican teams provided an unbelievable amount of competition for us. Their players had outstanding foot skills, and could do things with the ball that we had never seen before. No one on any of the teams that we played had a problem taking someone on 1v1, or playing with their back to the goal. As a team these things sometimes caused us problems because it is not something that we always see when playing back home. However, it is something that we quickly learned was a big part of the Latin American game.
Not only was the soccer amazing, but so was the culture. Everywhere that we turned there was a soccer field, a pick up soccer game in the streets, or a poster to welcome the upcoming World Cup in Africa this summer. Soccer means everything to the people of this country, to be able to play soccer in a country that literally worships the game is an outstanding feeling. It gives you pride in the game that you play and love, and knowing that you are there to represent your country only increases that pride. On top of all of that we were able to try new foods, meet new people, and see one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
One of the best things that we did the whole trip was when we visited the children’s home. At this home children come from the city of San Jose and spend their day learning. Most of these kids come from troubled backgrounds and this home gives them a place to go. It provides them with the opportunity to leave the poverty that they have grown up in. We had the chance to play with these kids for a little over an hour. They were so excited to play with us, and they all wanted to take pictures using our cameras. It also allowed us to use the Spanish that we have learned in school. Unfortunately, we think some of the kids had more fun laughing at us. Being able to take the time to give back to the community and become a memory in these young children’s lives was remarkable. They have no idea how much they changed our lives.
Another memorable thing that we had a chance to do was to go zip lining! It felt like we were flying over the jungle below. After our  zip line tour of the rainforest we participated in a team bonding activity. The activity was modeled after a survivor type game, and became very competitive.  In the end, the coaches won, and our team came in second.
Looking  back we can’t believe that just last month we were able to play soccer at a very competitive level while experiencing a new culture.  And who could forget the new friends we made. On top of that we got to do it in one of the most beautiful places in the world. What more could a person ask for?
Pura Vida,
Brenna Mason and Emma Firenze  
President’s Cup Update
Three teams will be representing NYSW in the Region I President’s Cup tournament in Saratoga Springs over Memorial Day weekend.  Best of luck to the Greece Buccaneers BU16 team, the Kenton Soccer Club’s BU17 team and the Webster Soccer Association’s GU16 team.  We will all be pulling for you.
State Cup Update
Play down games continue as a frenetic pace as teams compete to get to the Final Four Tournament on June 4, 5,and 6 in Cortland, NY.  Track your favorite team’s progress through the play downs by checking the results website on the state cup page of the website. 
Referee and Coach’s Pass Reminder
As part of our effort to keep youth soccer as safe and kid friendly as possible please remember to carry your Risk Management pass any time you are on the field with youth teams.   Referees at youth games are to have their Risk management pass in hand, too.  If an adult does not have a NSYW risk management pass on their person, they are not to be on the field with players.  Sounds harsh, but you never know.  Let’s all work together to keep kids safe.
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