2. Amendments by the

2. Amendments by the Board

Bylaws may also be amended by the BOD. A motion to amend the bylaws may be placed on the table at any duly convened meeting of the BOD. The vote on such motion shall not be taken at the meeting in which it is first placed on the table. Written notice of the proposed amendment and the text thereof shall be furnished to the members by the State Office following the adjournment of the meeting of the BOD at which it is first placed on the table. At any meeting of the BOD held (i) not fewer than twenty-one (21) days following the transmittal of that notice to the membership and (ii) on written notice of such meeting to the BOD that the question presented by the motion to amend will thereat be considered, the Board may adopt the proposed amendment by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the entire voting strength of the BOD.