2. Election of District

2. Election of District Commissioners

2.1.  The geographic area served by the activities of the Corporation is divided into six districts, the names and boundaries of which are set forth and delineated by the NYSW District Map.

2.2.  The members of the Corporation located in each district shall be represented on the Board of Directors by a single Commissioner designated by election from that district in accordance with these Bylaws.

2.3.  District Commissioners shall be elected to serve a two-year term at meetings of the members of the Corporation convened within the respective districts between September 1 and October 1 of alternating years as specified below. Each two-year term shall commence with the date of the election and end with the election of a new Commissioner. Commissioners representing even-numbered districts are to be elected in even-numbered years and Commissioners representing odd-numbered districts are to be elected in odd-numbered years. The Executive Director/Operations Manager shall be responsible for mailing-out notices of the date of the District Election Meeting to the members of NYSWYSA located within each district in which a biannual election is due to be held at least 30 days prior to the date of the meeting which is the subject of the notice. The election date in each district shall be proposed by the incumbent Commissioner from that district. The notice shall specify the date, time, and location within the geographic boundaries of the district at which the biannual election meeting is to be convened.

2.3.1.  In the election of District Commissioners, each member of the corporation organized within that district of the Commissioner to be elected shall have the same number of votes as accorded to it for general meetings of the membership.

2.3.2.  The results of the election of a District Commissioner shall be communicated to the State Office of the corporation by means of a Certificate of Election subscribed by the chairperson and the secretary of the election meeting. Each such Commissioner shall be seated as a member of the Board of Directors at the next meeting of the Board convened at or following the AGM next convened following his or her election.